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Pumpkin Haunted
If it every become an anime it be like FLCL it also something that hit my brain a while back.
a chick that somehow still living with out ahead and also the locale legend get seen taking it to aliens out in 🌽 field one night and is discovered by local farmer son who life never return normal again especially when he wake up with  the local legend sleeping or something like it on top of him the next morning his life will never be the same since
A.K.A T-K9
KeyKey is something old I drawled a while back she a ninja 
Return of the Dark Crystal
If you ever watch the movie you know what iam talking about.
if not you should go and watch it it really good
it a fantasy made by Jim Henson u know the fraggal rock guy, in fact it was his last project before he past in my opinion it was good a nuff to have a sequel they had one scheduled but it never was made 😔
Genesis: the Abyss
Typical day for Symphony gram (Genesis girl) it just dealing with da only problem she may have is making it to school on time or get yelled at by her father for any scratches may receive a long the way.  
Contest: next Generation Nightmare

the only one i am ever going to hold.

I have been draw my Characters for quite some time and they mostly Change their concept or design of da character.
Seeing how I lost my current version of Nightmare along time ago. And only draw the definitive version for reference. I like to do something that I have never done be for I like to let someone else come up with the next step in Nightmare's evolution by starting a contest to see you artists, I really would like to see what you guys come up with. help me to established a new look for Nightmare. this will be the first time I will no be involved with draw a character new look. the winner will be credit for the design. And will be able to use their design of the character as they see fit, for it is there design. As long as they give credit to the creator of the character. This is my way of asking a favor.Just send me the link of your design, with your name in the comments below I will favorite the winners' and watch them. If not already. Along side 2nd, 3nd, 4nd! And I'll start working on a bad A scene  for the New Nightmare.

Your designed can be under any style you wants
Just not too Cutie's. (nothing against Cutie's) just not too for Nightmare
Must be full heights. (If Chibi must have normal version beside them)
Must have her patient guitar weapon in the picture.(you draw it any design you wants)
That is all.

Reffrence: what she look like.
Crash! The impact could be heard as a body meet with concert floor. An cracking noise followed as the man (the player) arm shader under the weight of himself falling on it. "Ahhhhhhh!" He yell out in agony, while a voice spoking to him in his head "you see sir? The Webs we make, we all end up getting suck in the web we weave, then we just left their to wait for the spider to come down." The man cringing in pain then speaking to him self while sliding in and out of consciousness. "God dam voices!, People I don't even know, but yet somewhat familiar?" His vision blurry in and out in to the darkness of old rusted complex 3× on the fourth time there was something there in darkness a huge figure stood from a distance in front of him, it looked unnatural, an almost deform. Then by the 5th× it was gone just as quickly as it appeared. "What the hell was that?!" He thought to himself. His version finally clearing up. "Well I can't lay here all day I got to get out of here" he struggling to push his self up with one arm. "Urghhhh!, There we go."  He spoke final getting himself up off the floor he stumbled over against the wall from where a he fell. A squishing sound was made when he did this. "My gods! What the fuck?" He yelled. studying himself up off the wall. The wall made of skin, flesh, having veins and blood flowing through it as if the facility was alive. The man looked up it was about three stories high then spoke to himself "there no way I'll be able to climb backup​." Walking away from the wall of flesh and saying. "My only hope is now to find another way back up." Looking around the huge area he was in. The room was large and old. Ever thing  I was rusted from the floor to the old machinery construction vehicles. Everything sat there as if abandoned, and left to rough except the wall of flesh where he fell from. Across from that there a door that leads in the corridor where the thing he saw was standing. Then Noticing it something that could be useful to him on one of the collum that lined the room. While Walking over to the collum he pass by old construction vehicles there are 5 in total now passing by the 3th  he heard sound of a wire snapping​ and something braking he looked up the old bladed Crane arm gave way to time and broke apart. Falling downward "Oooo no...  On on no no!" The man said jumping for it his back hitting  the collum. Just barely missing his leg the crane arm crashed into the floor sounds of metal on metal and a wretched stretching noise started forcing him to cover his ears and shutting his eyes. Little pieces of shrapnel flow thought the air cutting him up, then the buzzsaw that was on the arm pop off an and spawn in mid air the implanting it self just a few feet above his head. "Ah! Uhh.. What...   I'm still alive? Blooded and beating!  All for some dumbass map!" Reaching over his head pulling the paper map off the collum then forcing him self to get up walk around the destroyed crane arm the metal door that leads in to the corridor. "This certainly is a huge place., How did they get those vehicles this far underground? Well at any rate I sure hope that kid is alright." He said walking in the dark metal corridor unknown.

A part of what happening in what I think would make good horror survival game (Perfection)

By C.D.W


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